Our Collection of BIBS Pacifiers

About BIBS Dummies

Established in 1978, the Danish brand BIBS, manufactures their pacifiers in Denmark/EU. They use the best materials for babies, which are free from BPA, PVC and phthalates. Baby pacifiers need to have the best materials possible, bringing joy to their pacifying stage.

Types of BIBS Dummies

At JustBørn, we only source the best products for your babies. We chose to distribute the brand BIBS has been known for multiple generations for its high quality and durable pacifiers.

In our BIBS Dummy collection, you will find different designs, colours and materials that would fit perfectly into your aesthetics. The design of the pacifiers is carefully thought out, not just aesthetically pleasing. For instance, the BIBS Color dummy features a circular shield that curves away to promote air circulation, keeping the skin dry and irritation-free. Its cherry-shaped teat mimics a nipple to naturally encourage the baby’s sucking reflex.

Our extensive collection of the popular BIBS pacifiers includes:

BIBS Colour 

The BIBS Colour design is a classic round pacifier that most adults refer to as the “real dummy” as it associates with pacifiers known in our own childhood.

Variations of the BIBS Colour pacifier we have:

BIBS Boheme

The BIBS Boheme design takes inspiration from the modern bohemian style with a deep appreciation for mother nature. With its romantic and artistic silhouette, the dummy features organic patterns that create a aesthetically pleasing design.

Variation of the BIBS Boheme pacifier we have:

Blossom BIBS Boheme Pacifiers by BIBS sold by Just Børn


The BIBS De Lux design is a modern upgrade from it's predecessor, BIBS Colour. This design features curved finishing with a elegant matte front for a premium look.

Variations of the BIBS De Lux pacifier we have:

BIBS Supreme

The BIBS Supreme design features a symmetrical wide shield pattern and nipple shape. Due to it's symmetrical design, the pacifier will always lie correctly in your baby's mouth.

Variations of the BIBS Supreme pacifier we have:

BIBS Infinity

The BIBS Infinity design is created by intertwined circles, symbolising the circle of life, endlessness, and eternity. 

Variation of the BIBS Infinity pacifier we have:

    Personalising your BIBS Pacifiers

    At JustBørn, we aim to elevate style and functionality. Choose from 2 fonts and personalise your BIBS pacifiers with your baby’s name. Personalising your dummies makes it unique and recognisable for both you and your child. Both you and the nursery teacher would be able to differentiate your dummies from others, reducing any misunderstandings and swaps. Your child would also develop a sense of responsibility as they recognise their own dummies.  

    Note: You might find that some colours will not have the option to be personalised as the name comes out very faint and hard to read.

    Every baby would have different preferences for pacifiers. If you are not sure of the different types of pacifiers, read our blog on which pacifier to choose?


    Pacifier Accessories for Hygiene

    Aside from purchasing a good quality dummy, you would want to consider the following accessories to improve hygiene and reduce the loss of pacifiers.

     JustBørn Dummy Clip

    The dummy clip easily attaches to your child’s clothes and ensures that the pacifier is always with the child. Tada! No more missing dummies and dummies on the floor.

    If you need more information regarding pacifier clips, read our blog on pacifier accessories.

    Blush JBØRN Bear Pacifier Clip | Personalised by Just Børn sold by Just Børn

    JustBørn Dummy Holder

    The JBørn Dummy Holder is designed to hold up to 3 pacifiers in a clean and centralised location. Attach your holders to prams, cots, car seats and your child’s play area to ensure that you always have a clean pacifier within reach.

    If you need more information regarding pacifier holders, read our blog on pacifier accessories.

    Blush FRIGG Trial Collection Pacifiers & Holders Set by FRIGG sold by Just Børn

    BIBS Dummy Box

    Designed to store 1 BIBS pacifier, the BIBS dummy box is a stylish statement piece to add to your collection.

    Some of our customers have also repurposed the box after their child has grown up, storing essentials like keys.