How often should you replace pacifiers?

The general advice is to replace your pacifiers or dummies after 4-8 weeks of use – dependent on the usage of the pacifier. Some babies have a very strong suction or only use one pacifier at a time, and in these cases the pacifier may be ready for a replacement after less than 4 weeks.

There is also a hygienic reason to replace the pacifier regularly. The older the pacifier gets, the more bacteria will hide in them. For this reason, your child shouldn’t use the same pacifier for more than 8 weeks – even if it seems like it is in perfect condition.

Always check the pacifier before use

Before giving the pacifier to your child, you should always examine it for visible traces of use – do this by pulling the nipple. If the nipple has tooth marks, cracks, or other signs of wear, you must replace it immediately.

Pacifiers must be replaced when you see the following signs:

  • Changes in the surface

  • Changes in size

  • Change in shape

  • Rupture in the material

  • Becomes brittle or sticky

Replace the pacifier immediately if you notice any of these changes. When your baby has teeth make sure to pull the nipple in all directions and inspect it carefully before use and replace the pacifier at the first sign of damage or weakness.

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